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Mystica review (Eduardo Tarilonte and Best Service)

Mystica is another winner from Eduardo Tarilonte and Best Service. The sound is full, rich and warm and you hardly get the feeling that you are listening to a recording. Eduardo seemed to have found his niche in these type of libraries and to be honest it really shows. Mystica simply is a must have. […]

Eduardo Tarilonte`s Shevannai review

Shevannai is packed in cca. 2,5 GB (uncompressed) solo vocal library sung by Lara Ausensi. You might recognize her voice from Eduardo Tarilonte`s Forest Kingdom library (ethereal female voice). The whole bundle consist of three parts: 1. The Voice which is divided into three additional parts: Legato, Staccato, inhales and releases. 2. Phrases which are […]