Expertise that I can offer

  • Record, edit and design sound for games and motion pictures.
  • Wide range of knowledge for audio in games.
  • Deep knowledge of software and sound synthesis.
  • Manage audio quality.
  • Work with any proprietary software.
  • Work with game engines (Unity, Unreal, Godot) and audio middleware (FMOD, Wwise).

Credits list


  • Mordhau Eastern Invasion (audio direction, sound design, music, integration)
  • Mordhau Continental pack (audio direction, voice supervision, editing, integration)
  • Destiny’s Divide (voice sound design, creature sound design, additional sound design)
  • Mordhau (sound design)
  • Swamp Attack 2 (sound design, cinematics sound design and mix)
  • Elroy and the Aliens (sound design)
  • Ill Space (sound design, music)
  • Courier of the Crypts (sound design, music)
  • Taking Tom Camp (sound design)
  • Swamp Attack updates (sound design)
  • Brick Lab (sound design)
  • Secretion (sound design)
  • Towers of Altrac (sound design)
  • Shadowess (sound design)
  • Save The Pencil (music)
  • Save The Pencil 2 (music)

Film & Animation

  • Mordhau Console announcement (sound design, music, mix)
  • Mordhau Continental pack teasers (music, mix)
  • Mordhau Eastern Invasion trailer (sound design, mix, intro music)
  • Talking Tom Party with pets (sound design, mix, foley)
  • Talking Tom Magic Show (sound design, mix, foley)
  • Bubble fun with my Talking Tom 2 (sound design, mix, foley)
  • Talking Tom Bathroom Drama (sound design, mix, foley, voice)
  • Talking Angela’s Dance show (sound design, mix, foley)
  • Talking Tom Snowball fight (sound design, mix, foley)
  • Talking Angela Beach party (sound design, mix, foley)
  • Slime Squad trailer (sound design, mix, foley)
  • Unstill (additional sound design, foley)
  • Martin Krpan (sound design, foley)
  • Year of the Monkey (sound design, foley)
  • Simfonija globine (field recording)
  • In Vain (music)
  • El Último Proyector (music)

Other work

  • Kalipso Atmospheric Drones (sfx library, recording, editing)
  • The Plunger (sfx library, recording, editing)
  • Rocks and Stones (sfx library, recording, editing)
  • Abstract Sound effects series (sfx library, recording, editing)
  • Shakes and Rattles (sfx library, recording, editing)
  • Glass Door Slides (sfx library, recording, editing)
  • Race rift (gaming, sound design)
  • Search for Atlantis (gaming, sound design)
  • Ying Yang (gaming, sound design)
  • Amazons (gaming, sound design)
  • Pharos Sunrise (gaming, sound design)
  • Quaranteen’d podcast (additional sound design, foley)

Video examples