Eduardo Tarilonte`s Shevannai review

Shevannai is packed in cca. 2,5 GB (uncompressed) solo vocal library sung by Lara Ausensi. You might recognize her voice from Eduardo Tarilonte`s Forest Kingdom library (ethereal female voice). The whole bundle consist of three parts:

1. The Voice which is divided into three additional parts: Legato, Staccato, inhales and releases.

2. Phrases which are divided into additional four segments such as melodic phrases, short whispers, spoken phrases and whispered phrases.

3. Soundscapes which consists of 20 various tonal scapes.

The Voice: Legato

shevannai-controls I might be out of the line here but I would definitely swear that this patch is worth paying for (full price). It is a bit tricky to learn how to work correctly with this patch but once you master it, it shines like stars in the sky.

Words (if we can call them that) are controlled via the yellow keys while you play the sample with the blue keys. There are also red keys which switch between five different legatos like ah, eh, i, o, u. Since legato is somewhat tricky to play the default phrase will always play (while you are holding the key) until you switch the word (yellow keys) which can sometimes be a bit of a pain in the butt.

Shevannai works really well with other libraries too, giving a nice amount of flare or better yet soul to the whole track. I think that this library, or should I say this voice, wants to be heard. Mixing Shevannai with some low end sine wave with a couple of few additions will give amazing results. It is definitely a great addition to the composer’s arsenal. Although Shevannai would probably best suit film composers, it handles itself well in other genres. Read the full review.

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