1. Beginning
    Composed by Zdravko Djordjevic
  2. Uneasy Feeling
    Composed by Zdravko Djordjevic
  3. Happy Dark Thoughts
    Composed by Zdravko Djordjevic
  4. I have a Secret
    Composed by Zdravko Djordjevic
  5. Life draining
    Composed by Zdravko Djordjevic
  6. Waiting
    Composed by Zdravko Djordjevic
  7. Peaceful mind
    Composed by Zdravko Djordjevic
  8. Sons of Evil
    Composed by Zdravko Djordjevic
  9. Ticking Monster
    Composed by Zdravko Djordjevic
  10. End
    Composed by Zdravko Djordjevic


This section applies to the use of Atmosphere or any part thereof in any commercial or non-commercial projects. Atmosphere is free to use providing the following is adhered to: In order to use Atmosphere in your projects you will need to obtain a licence of use from me. If you are using Atmosphere in your projects please send me a link of your work. To obtain the licence you must send me an email stating where and how you are planning of using Atmosphere. Thats it :)

The same rules apply for all forms of media (videos, games, webpages etc.):

1. Any form of use or distribution of Atmostra (except for personal listening pleasure) without a licence is strictly forbidden.

2. Licence approval is only on the understanding that you agree and warrant that you will give prominent credit in your project credits. Failure to do so will invalidate the licence.

3. Credit is required to be prominently written as: Atmosphere by Zdravko Djordjevic.

I like Atmostra and would like to support the production of more albums in this series, how do I do this?

There are many ways in which you can show your support and appreciation to the hard-working musicians behind this music and help to produce the next in the series, here are a few suggestions:

1. You can share our facebook page or website and generally spread awareness. This is free to do and will help enormously.

2. You can email your friends and tell them about it or even tell them the old-fashioned way (when you see them), after all it is free.

3. You can tattoo your back saying "Atmosphere Rocks" - we do not actually recommend this option, however if you do choose to do this please remember to include our website address and/or details of our facebook page within the tattoo design.?

4. You can show your support by donating.

Is Atmosphere free to use?

Yes it is free (no hidden fees) and it will remain free!

Where can I use Atmosphere?

That is completely up to you. You can use it in games, videos or any other interactive media.

Can I sell Atmosphere as a part of another compilation?

No! Any attempt of selling Atmosphere will result in cataclysmic event.