Altus review (Eduardo Tarilonte and Best Service)

The Voice

As I was impressed with Cantus, I was more surprised here when I heard Altus for the first time. I couldn’t wrap my head around its voice. I don’t mean that in a bad way but more of how different it sounds from any other library I heard. Never the less, Altus sounds great and most importantly it sounds authentic. If you ever bought any of the Tarilonte`s libraries you know that this developer will go an extra mile to bring the true authenticity to your doorstep.

Altus features the now well known five true legatos A, E, I, O, U, and a word builder with more than 130 words and syllables. The voice has two articulations (fast and slow) which are triggered via keyboard when you play softly (portamento or slow spead) or loudly (fast).

Like with previous vocal libraries the solo patch is played with the help of key switches and a word builder. At the bottom of your keyboard scale you will find all five legatos above it you will find various predetermine phrases. One octave is the actual voice and at the higher end of the keyboard scale you will find various breaths and inhales.

The voice samples sound as I have mentioned great and if you were ever worried that Altus might suffer from lack of quality I can put your mind to ease. The quality of the sample again is simply stunning and Eduardo surely manages to bring authenticity to your studios. Read the full review.

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