Dehumaniser review

Dehumaniser is a vocal processor designed to make you sound like all kinds of monsters from the movies. It was developed by a company named Krotos which is basically just one mane named Orfeas Boteas. The Dehumaniser comes as a standalone, download-only product and it is based on the Max/MSP programming language which is all fine and dandy but I do have some thoughts on this which I will deal with later. Dehumaniser first appeared as a prototype which was free and I was lucky enough to grab it then, though it wasn’t anything like the new one we will review today.

The software is divided into two parts or two modes that you can play with – “Simple” and an “Advanced” mode. Both practically do the same thing but the advanced mode is where you will spend most of the time.

It is not as big in content as you might expect weighing nearly cca 80 MB but that is just fine since the software alone does the heavy lifting anyway and the provided presets will get you started in no time. Please note that I am reviewing the pro version of the Dehumaniser and you can download the lite version for free to try it out. Read the full review.

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