DM-307 review (Heavyocity)

DM–307 comes in a cca. 4.5 GB bundle of various drum kicks, snares, hihats and sound effects. It is in general a drum machine made for Kontakt with all the possible effects that Kontakt comes with.

There are thousands of samples split into 7 main genre styles which are part of 3 larger groups (Kits, Loops and Kit grooves). It appears that Heavyocity went for a broader spectrum of users now, offering a lot of content for EDM producers as well as film composers. Here is a brief overview of the 7 main styles.

1. Drum N Bass
2. Dubstep
3. Electronic
4. Hybrid
5. Rock
6. Latin Organic
7. Industrial edge

Inside each category and subcategory are all the patches you will ever need. Heavyocity really did a good job on placing each patch into the right category. In terms of content you can compare DM–307 to Native instruments Battery 4. They both share around 4 GB of samples and both enable you to modify each sample but unlike Battery you cannot add your own to DM–307. This of course isn’t Heavyocity’s fault; it is just the limitation of Kontakt and its scripting engine. You can change midi patterns inside the Kontakt which is a nice feature. If you own a full version of Kontakt than you can refer to Studio Drummer to understand what midi patterns can do. Read the full review.

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