Chris Hein Winds (Best service) review

The Chris Hein Winds comes as a download or in a box and you’ll need Kontakt 5 or Kontakt 5 Player to run it. Although there is plenty of competition out there, this bundle brings, as the developer states, a “true solo legato” section of the woodwinds. Since this is a pretty huge (cca. 50 GB) bundle of solo instruments I will be focusing more on its strong points and then mention what I disliked when using the particular instrument. Before we proceed, let us have a look at what you will be getting with this bundle.

There are four instruments included in this bundle with its variations so for instance in volume 1 you will get the flutes, in volume 2 the clarinets and so on and so forth. Since the price of the bundle is pretty steep (though not in the market sense, but still pricey) you have the opportunity to buy each volume separately for around cca. 199 euros. This is a good thing if you prefer a particular instrument over the other. Eventually you will probably need all of them. Read the full review.

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