Wave Warper review (SoundMorph)

The Warper (Doppler engine)

The “Wave Warper” holds every parameter for you to control the movement of the sound as it should. You can play the sound automatically or manually. If you play the sound automatically you can control the speed of the playback and of course all of the parameters for the Doppler engine. Playing the sounds automatically can give you some nice results and quick ideas but what you want is to have full control of the sound and this is where manual mode shines. The sound is played through an X and Y matrix based on the movement of your mouse (or TouchOSC or Leap motion). You can also set the delay of the movement so that you can get a sort of natural pass by in case you don’t have a steady hand. Again you can load any of the VSTs you have on your computer (up to 10 VSTs) and assign them to the X/Y matrix. A fun feature if you ask me.

Below you will find a “Group C Trigger spot” or in laymen’s terms, a simple Doppler engine in a matrix based layout. Now, if you have previously bought Glactic Assistant you will most likely feel at home in this section as it has the same design (or a control scheme) that you are used to in Galactic Assistant. Read the full review.

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