Audiowiesel Hammered Acoustic Guitar (HAG) review

HAG Bundle comes as a download only release and it is split into two main parts, HAG Core and HAG FX and Percussion both of which can be purchased separately. It is not a big library (cca. 3 GB) but that is really not a problem because you will get a great sound out of it. There are approximately 10 round robins per patch in HAG Core and a good number of sound effects on top of that. You must note that HAG works only with the latest full Kontakt version and it will not work with free version Kontakt Player.

The whole HAG is based on the Ibanez AE acoustic guitar playing with sticks, brushes and all sorts of other things to get this unique sound. It is hard to find a similar library to compare HAG to since it really is a sort of niche product. Sure there are many guitar libraries out there and to pick the right one (right one for you) may be somewhat of a hassle. HAG on the other hand is suitable for everyone that requires, well… A hammered guitar sound! Now, don’t let the title fool you because HAG can be used for all sorts of sounds in any genre. For example, I used it for a hip hop track and it worked really well with other libraries. In another example I made a ton of sound effects from it which some I have also donated back to the developers for a free share. Read the full review.

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