Cedric Baravaglio

Cedric started music at age five in a Geneva music school.....oh wait... I am writing...so why third person?
- A not awarded composer

Jonathan M.

Jonathan M. Ochmann

Jonathan is an explorer of new media opportunities, working as a filmmaker, composer, writer and part time programmer. His passion for music, science and technology is surpassed only by his love for cinema with films by Paul Thomas Anderson, Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg ranking among his favorits.

Though his music, films and writings have earned him a reputation for creativity, skilled craftsmanship, open-mindedness and curiosity, he does not seem to possess the minimum amout of narcissism required to not feel like a douche while bragging about himself in third person...

Jonathan produces steady amounts of carbon dioxide and is entirely bio -degradable.


Zdravko Djordjevic

I press keys on my keyboard and music comes out... who knew right :)