I came across your music today, and I felt compelled to let you know that it is surely among the best of its kind that I have heard. I congratulate and celebrate your outstanding compositions.

It is really amazing how much your soundtracks can improve indy films.

The premiere was a success and many people says the soundtrack is awesome!

I just want to tell you, that your music is really beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for for that.

Who am I and what I do

Recording planesMy real name is Zdravko and I also have a last name which I will keep for myself as I do not want you to twist your toung too much. I do enjoy all the things in life just like the next person does with the small exception that I also enjoy chasing creapy aliens and making some weird noises with or without the help of hardware and software tools. Bubaproducer.com is my official website.

What really rocks my boat is the sound and everything related to the sound. Experiments, bioacoustics, science… you name it I will explore it if its in my power to do so. There is something special about going outside and just record stuff, useful or not (though anything is pretty much useful).

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