What they say about sound and music in Courier of the Crypts

Sound helps strengthen the reality of the crypt. When a stone door opens, you can hear it scrape against the walls. Doors creak loud. Spikes slice up through the floor, whining against steel grates. Spiders hiss in the dark, and break apart with a dry, sickening snap when smashed with rocks. Special attention was given to all of the sound effects, and they really add weight to the game’s puzzles, creatures, and mechanisms. The tiny sprites and miniature skulls on everything seem laughable, but when you hear a door slide down, stone grating against stone as it opens a new, blackened path for you to travel, you feel a little bit more like you’re there. It sounds real. It sounds dangerous.
~ IndieGames.com

Sound design is the cherry on top of that art direction sundae as well, with some good sound effects and atmospheric music…It’s a good combination of appropriate instruments that are most importantly melodic rather than just an orgy of “epic” (ugh I hate using that word in this context) juxtapositions that might sound loud and impressive but don’t really fit, whereas Courier of the Crypt’s soundtrack tells the story in it’s own way listening to it from stem to stern, so to speak, and it only strengthens the game in that light.
~ Highland Arrow.com

Surrounding this wonderful journey is a haunting musical score composed by Zdravko Djordjevic that seems to almost always be in perfect unison with the gameplay. Its constant rhythm with varying pitches and pacing keeps users on their toes, but it is never overbearing in any way.

~ Gamers Honest Truth



Enter the story of a young and mischievous fella’ on his first work day at the Pony Delivery Service. This is Courier. His first errand is simple, take a letter to the guardian of the crypts. But like in every story, something must go wrong. Courier is determined to finish that delivery despite all the dangers lurking down in the crypts but it may be a much longer journey than he ever imagined.

Lead the Courier through the ominous crypts full of mysteries and forgotten secrets. Regardless of the dangers you’ll face you have to make sure the letter is delivered. Don’t be afraid though, for you won’t be going alone…

Your best friend is a magic torch which will guard you from forsaken souls and iluminate your darkest paths before you. Be aware though for the torch needs to feed otherwise it’s flame will vanish and you may get lost forever.